URBAN GREENS|可食用花卉種植套裝|在家種植

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Urban Greens Grow Kit 包含種植可食用花卉所需的所有材料。世界上最好的廚師都用鮮花來裝飾菜餚和增添香味,可以為雪糕、沙律、甜品醬、海鮮或炒菜增添香辣或鮮甜,快將此套裝送給喜歡在廚房中發揮創意和勇於挑戰的園丁。


  • 5 種種子品種 - 矢車菊、金蓮花、 薰衣草、石竹和香堇
  • 5個泥炭盆
  • 5個育苗基質
  • 5個植物標籤
  • 1 本包含食譜和說明的小冊子

This Urban Greens Grow Kit contains everything you need to grow your own edible flowers. The best chefs around the world are using flowers to enhance and decorate their dishes. Gift this set to the gardener who enjoys being creative and edgy in the kitchen. The seed varieties will add peppery, zesty or sweet notes to icecreams, salads, dessert sauces, seafood or stir fries.

The kit includes:

  • 5 seed varieties - Cornflower, Nasturtium,
  • Lavender, Dianthus and Violas
  • 5 peat pots
  • 5 growing substrate discs
  • 5 plant labels
  • 1 booklet with recipes and instructions