Tarot 101 Workshop (16 & 22/06/2023)

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活動日期 Date:16/06/2023
時間 Time:

活動日期 Date:22/06/2023
時間 Time:

<Tarot 101>活動詳情 Event Information:

  • 瞭解塔羅牌的歷史、象徵及意義
  • Learn the history, the symbolism, and the meaning of Tarot
  • 塔羅牌的解讀技巧,感受塔羅牌內在的信息
  • Basic techniques and extra tips of Tarot reading
  • 學習如何揀牌及洗牌
  • How to choose and cleanse the decks

地址:銅鑼灣 皇室堡 3樓323號舖 D-Barn
Address: Shop 323, 3/F, Windsor House, Causeway Bay

費用 Fee:HK$300/每人 ppl


Kosmicland 是一個關於美容、健康、占卜和寶石,以提高人們對調整身心靈的意識為宗旨和理念的平台,透過提供教育性的工作坊, 例如占卜服務,能量療癒、脈輪測試和分析等等。 我們過去亦參與過香港及國外的不同酒店及私人會所提供團隊建設的活動,為大家量身定制最合適的身心靈放鬆及療癒方式。

Kosmicland is a wellness platform that offers mindfulness services, holistic wellness retreats, educational workshops, and more. Tailor-made events have also been delivered to establishments Rosewood Hotel Group, The Murray Hotel, and Soho House Hong Kong among many other corporate firms.

  • Mindfulness services 
  • Holistic wellness retreats
  • Educational workshops 
  • Tailormade team-building events

Kiyoko is a multi-generational psychic and Feng Shui practitioner skilled in Chakra Healing, Numerology, Chinese and Western astrology, and divination. She focuses on bringing to light one’s subconscious, through higher self-guidance to elevate one's overall well-being.

KOSMIC is where Kiyoko shares her divine inspiration with the world by combining her creativity, and spiritual wisdom of Feng Shui and divination techniques.


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